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Edge Inking Machine

GIOTTO The GIOTTO dyeing machine is used prevalently for the vertical dyeing of small and mid sized leather goods presenting straight or curved shapes, with the capability of also dyeing pieces
featuring very small internal curves, such as butoonholes, etc. This machine can be employed
in three different modes
Edge Inking Machine 


This machine has been developed to paint edges of any shape particular such as tags, watch straps,
wallets etc.

Machine is having an easy replacement of the entire inking tool for cleaning or change for another shape inking roller (we suggest to have one inking tool complete for any dofferent shape roller)

Edge Inking Machine 

 RC 200 AUTO

This machine has been conceived to give an uniform painting on the edges of straps (straight lines, curved or irregular pieces) made of leather or synthetic materials, as well as tags and watch-straps. The machine is equipped with two independent colouring units which are adjustable in height, distance and elasticity, work surface support adjustable in height and interchangeable with other forms, adjustable feed speed with inverter.


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