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    Skiving Machine


Apply for liner shaving process of men's leather and casual shoes

Professional box dust separating design, adhesive steaming spray technique, efficiently avoid cement slimy

special grinding separating technique

Skiving Machine

Suitable for Slitting and peeling of thick materials
of leather shoes such as heel lining and toecap
lining etc.
Skiving Machine


Variable Speed Suction Paring Machine

Features :
* Equipped with sealed dust separate device
* Claddified collection of the rough
   (leather bars) and the fine (powder)
* Manual or foot control of the loading speed
* Satisfying different cutting requirements
  of different material and complicated-shaped


Skiving Machine XX 112-3


Features :
* Loading is controlled by a special motor
  whose speed is adjustable.
* Manual or foot control of the loading speed.
* Satisfying all kinds of paring requirements of
  all kinds of leather



All the models share some common technical features :

1. Knife shaft mounted on bearings;
2. Transport roller gears run in an oil bath
3. on demand gears can be supplied to allow several working speeds.

It is possible to equip them with optional tools for 45 degrees skiving used in moccasin manufacturing.


XB 112 2

XB-112-2 Paring Machine

Features :
An edge trimming equipment for material in making leather products and plastics

In the grinding driving components, the on/off switch of the grinding wheel is controlled by a clutch.




XB-112-2 Paring Machine

XYP Leather Skiving Machine with circular knife is suitable for edge-skiving and whole surface skiving of any kinds of leather as well as plastic cloth.



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