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BM - 335BH

* With unison feed owns good feeding characteristics even on materials with rough, slippery or tacky surface accurate and uniform stitch.

* The diameter of cylinder bed is 46mm which enables easy and unhindered movement of bulky of tubular work piece.

* Binder feeding together with unison feed.

* Clearly arranged thread guides

* Practically noiseless running because bevel gear
are enclosed in grease-packed case.



Needle System : DB X 1#11-16
Sewing Speed : Max. 1,800 spm
Stitch Length : Max. 5 mm
Zigzag Width : Max. 12 mm
Pressure Lift : 6 mm
Working Space : 225 mm x 138 mm
Feed Direction : Forward & Backward
Motor : 1/4 HP Clutch Motor
N.W. : 19 Kg
G.W. : 21 kg
Measurement : 0.055 cbm



Ideal for boots, sports shoes, work shoes, leisure shoes, foam rubber sole pads, babies shoes and high quality leather shoes.

Double wheel and needle feeding facilitate smooth operation of upper and lower leather, ensures continuous supply of wheel and needle and ensure constant working ability.

The combined action of wheel and needle ensures constant stitches in both thick and thin sewing operation,



Suitable for sports shoes, ladies shoes, jackboots, bags & hats etc.

Excellent sewing effects and first class quality thank to vertical rotating hook and link take-up lever.

Lockstitch with drop feed promises a smooth sewing quality on either thin or thick materials


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