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Cement Dryer & Reactivator 425PS


Cement drying machine for water based and solvent cement, with double reactivation flash/quartz, laser sensor for reactivation temperature check, humidity sensor in drying chamber, auto program system personalized. Production: 188 pairs per hour - Patented

The cemented surfaces are dried and reactivated in 2~3 minutes, as apposed to 25~30 minutes in the past. In addition to substantial time saving this also reduces the number of last required. The specially designed conveyor enables soles and shoes/boots to travel in pairs thus easing assembly work by the operator. Moreover, the conveyor is adapted to any type of sole or shoe/boot. Rink system compatible.

Technical Details :

  • Daily production : 1500 Pairs/Hours
  • Air comsumption at 6 BAR : 6 Lt/Min.
  • Dimensions : 105(42") x 350(138") x 168(66")
  • Net weight : Kg. 380(838 LBS)
  • Gross weight with crate : Kg. 520(1147 LBS)
  • Gross weight with case : Kg. 630(1390 LBS)
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