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Cement Dryer & Reactivator XQ0186


  • The jet air chamber design use the hot air using recycle and to save energy
  • This machine use 5-8 minutes dry and activation is equal to 25-30 minutes traditional dry method. Save the shoe tree, reduce the cost and increase the producing efficiency
  • The temperature of dry and activation for the vamp and sole can be controlled separately. The activations element get the better activation.
  • With the new-style automatic adjusting shelf, it can suit foe any size of shoe style.

Technical Details :

  • Daily production : 1400 Pairs / 8Hours
  • Electricity comsumption : 11.3KW-5KW
  • Dimensions : 2900X1100X1600mm
  • Net weight : 1200Kg
  • Voltage : 380V/50HZ
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