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Cylinder Bed Stitching Machine


  • Suit for Bags,boots,travel cases,etc
  • Speed depends on materials and type of operation
  • High performance machine which is the most suitable for attaching of sleeve, tubular items, tape binding
  • Suitable for sleeve attaching and sewing for tubular items of heavy-weight materials,such as leather, man-made heather or viny(BM-8,BM-8B).No feed type (BM-1) is easily moved materials and sewn the points only necessitate for quilting, darming of over-coat,Various types of binding (2,3 and 4folds) are available by Synchronizing binder device (BM-8V,BM-8BV)
  • Ideal for stitching tubular and curved work of shoe uppers, bags&sleeves,etc
  • Since unison feed is adopted, the uniform and very beautiful seams can be obtained.
  • Only a slight touch to the back tacking lever is required when stitches must be reversed.
  • Equipped with a safety clutch which protects the rotating hook from damage.
  • Fine sealed bearings make the machine run smoothly without noise and maintenance, long durability for mass production.
  • Bm-8B now adds s new feature of auto-lubrication
  • For BM-8B-2,the hook cover can be dismantled and changed.
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