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Finished Upper Crimping Machine

In the recent years the VC 2001 has started a revolution in 3d shaping and became a best seller since it consists a precious tool for most shoe productions.

The VC 2001 improves the final look of the shoe and fascilitates the fitting of the upper on the last during forepart lasting.

The VC SERIES crimps, combines & irons the finished upper in order to have perfect fitting on the last.

  • No more wrinkles
  • No deformation of the uppers
  • The mould is universal, suitable for any design of upper (men's, women's, children's)
  • Thanks to the simple adjustments the procedure of the upper crimping can be variable and very easy.
  • Easy placing of the upper without pincers
  • Thanks to the pneumatically adjustable hardness of the cushion, a wider range of angles can be achieved.
  • The machines are suitable for finished uppers, boots, vamps and sandals.
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