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Heel Lapping Machine


The P 62 model is suitable for grinding the sole, the welt and the heel applied to the sole.

The oscillating abrasive belt system and the electronic adjustable-speed drive from 0 to 4000 revs., reduces the usage of the abrasive belt and emery wheel, obtaining a uniform lapping without scratches.

The adjustment of the abrasive belt tension and the unload is pneumatic.

Furthermore, the adjustable workbench allows to work on any inclination.

On the P 62 model it is possible to mount, in addition to the abrasive belt, both 80 to 200 mm diameter grinding wheels and special shaped grinding wheels for different profiles.

Components and Accessories


The fluctuating abrasive band system, that you can select on the machine, and the electronic speed variator allows the total use of the band a good use of the buffer roll, always obtainig a good result on the working. Tension regulation of the band and its unhook are pneumatic and very quickly and easy to do.

Important think the adjustable table allows to work on all various inclinations needed. This machine can fit the abrasive band and also the emery wheel according to the work needed.

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