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Pneumatic Logo Stamping Machine


  • Processing quality can be automatically recorded by counter. No mannual memory is needed.
  • Heating temprature can be set to guarantee golding quality.
  • Paper belt with gold powder is driven by transmission mechanism.
  • Molding plate with designs makes the powder adhere to leather surface firmly by heating, which will never fade or fall off.

Main Technical Parameters

  • Motor Power: 0.4 kw
  • Power Supply voltage: 220v
  • Power Supply Phase: 2-Phase
  • Max Working Area(LW): 180 x 80mm
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Machine net weight: 66 kg
  • Package weight: 90kg
  • External Dimensions(LWH): 75x40x133cm
  • Package Dimensions(LWH): 85x50x140cm
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