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Strap Folding Machine


The machine Mod. R/85 performs folding of mignon (flat, convex and round mignon), profiles, borders.

The machine folds mignon from 2,5 mm up to 90 mm width, simply by changing the tools.

The machine works on long strips and always of the same width.

The machine comes with 1 adjustable folder and 10 flat rollers to fold flat mignon from 3 mm up to 12 mm.

With special equipment you can get different types of curls and pleats.

With proper guide you can also combine different mignon on bands.

The machine is composed of two working places, having four shafts, two front-placed and two rear-placed.

Each pair of shafts has the guide group. The distance between the front shafts and the rear shafts is 40 cm. In this way it is possible to perform the coupling of leather or

synthetic material with the reinforcement (front shafts) and the folding (rear shafts), in a single pass.

The machine is provided with two coil holder.

Variable speed (inverter).

Technical Details

  • Depth : 72cm
  • Width : 88cm
  • Height : 142cm
  • Weight : 115kg
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