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Toe Humidifier


Humidifier at 2 stations for toe-cap with sprayer and hot air

Machine for steaming and reactivating the toe-cap of the upper before lasting. The steam is produced in a special stainless steel material room. The action of the steam produced at high temperature softs and steam the toe-cap of the upper completely and in a short time

  • Steam quality adjustable up to 6,5 m3/h
  • Steam heat temperature adjustable on electronic displayup to 250oC/482oF


  • Electric Power : 4 Kw
  • Air Consuption 3 bar : 30 Lt/Min
  • Dimensions : cm. 54x44x116
  • Net Weight : Kg. 80
  • Daily Production : 175 pairs/hour
  • Gross Weight with Crate : Kg. 100
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