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Straight Edge Folding Machine


  • Linear folding machines particularly suitable for folding leather parts used in the manufacture of wallets, bags and diaries.
  • Able to perform also a creasing line with the hot plate
  • The upper bar, removable and replaceable, is provided in metal and rubber. ( The rubber version is suitable to folding hard leather, the metal version is suitable for all other types of materials)
  • Material thickness to fold: from 0.1 to 2 mm
  • Folding length: from 4 to 10 mm
  • Pressing time: adjustable from 0.5 to 10 seconds
  • Temperature upper plate: adjustable up to 100oC
  • Temperature lower plate: adjustable up to 100oC
  • Maximum folding width: mm 400
  • Patented system for rapid access to the folding plates for cleaning and for replacement of the lower plate and upper plate.
  • Patented system to adjust the alignment between the two plates of folding
  • Standard folding bar for hot creasing line, optional folding bar with out creasing line

Technical Details

  • Dimensions (L/H/P) : 70 x 64 x 39 cm
  • Weight\r\n : 50 Kg
  • Air supply bar : 6 Bar
  • Power supply : 220/50 - 60 hz 1 phase (volt)
  • Power consumption : 0,9 Kw
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